A TFT Song by Nevercake
Huy Nguyễn Đức
Huy Nguyễn Đức Hace un día
TFT seasons 3 is so boringgggggggg. I'm a Diamond 2 player and I see that everyone now wants Gangplank, Missfortune, Aurelion Sol. They are so Powerfull and quite easy to get, roll to 2 star. All players now are using the same line-up and fight over Gangplank and missfortune to add in their line-up, reserve items for them. So boring, we do not have much choices to build the line-up that we can survive, everyone is the SAME,GP,M4... Please work out on this problems and fix it. This is not a mind game or dignity, luck or anythings you said. This season is just like a Textbook : survive, buy GP or M4, give them all items and win
PuniSh3r_ 14
PuniSh3r_ 14 Hace un día
rito pls nerf this song it's too epic
The Mostium
The Mostium Hace un día
1:55 coro?
Dan Seps
Dan Seps Hace un día
NEW 001
oversizedcarrot Hace un día
guys give some attention to popstar ahri ;----;
Darduel Hace un día
Why do riot insist on releasing champions with overloaded kits to the point of having to make a special HUD for him???
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace un día
Old times when Darius was badass enough to behead a noxian general that order his troops to retreat from battle.
Nathan Alarcon
Nathan Alarcon Hace un día
What the heck, I literally got this god forsaken ad when I was watching a video about lol. How much times do you have to get tft or lol?!😞
queso vadotas
queso vadotas Hace un día
Vas a caer gaaaaaaaa
Fate_ Domestic
Fate_ Domestic Hace un día
legends never die, they repeat
Marcos Ignacio Bobadilla
Marcos Ignacio Bobadilla Hace un día
solo conosco esta cancion por manute xD
manolis frantzeskakis
manolis frantzeskakis Hace un día
Zj habibi
Zj habibi Hace un día
Who's the cute little girl with a bear😍
RandomG82 Hace un día
True Damage Yasuo looks pretty bad in game ... his hair especially
xdxdxd luluwutwut
xdxdxd luluwutwut Hace un día
Jew company
Udyral dsasd
Udyral dsasd Hace un día
remeber back then when league was ez to learn hard to master game?
sebas26 DUBSTEP
sebas26 DUBSTEP Hace un día
I think that they made irelia weak they could do the insurrection dance while sion charge the Q and that this gave the others time to get there
Silver Experience
Silver Experience Hace un día
Me: This is better than K/DA in my opinion| K-pop Fans: So, you have chosen *DEATH*
Q8 Tech
Q8 Tech Hace un día
most stupid champion you made ever . i psy 3000$ if you remove him from league of legends
SVM Đông
SVM Đông Hace un día
Phim bom tấn đây chứ đâu
sasa Hace un día
Chopmeister Hace un día
This should be the official anthem for all the medical personnel and other essential workers on the frontlines helping the humanity through the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is begging them to fight..
Neroidius Hace un día
These are the only ads I don’t skip. I don’t even play the game, these ads just know who their trying to appeal to so much. I’m gonna start playing this game soon
Mark Joseph Petilla
Mark Joseph Petilla Hace un día
i got sooo angry becaus i cant download the tft game because it's not available in my country (phillippines) so i can't download it i've been waiting for sooo long to download it but when it released i can't download it💔......plssss riot fix it i cant download the tft im soooo excited to play it❤️
yeri Hace un día
this song is still charting in the kpop charts, they need an album soon because their power is iconic
Obi Wan
Obi Wan Hace un día
MehZ0r Hace un día
you can still play this champion with QWER? right ?
Vũ Lê
Vũ Lê Hace un día
역병으사 Hace un día
This is what true beauty is like
Jan Florčík
Jan Florčík Hace un día
See when galio lands, and the Demacia soldiers shout, and that Garen in Real game : gg ez
Steyr Scout
Steyr Scout Hace un día
Faexy Eax
Faexy Eax Hace un día
Omg guys :’) good old days ha?
Stefanos Kolovos
Stefanos Kolovos Hace un día
10 year game is still buggy and have a bad system of reporting, plus your servers should never be that poorly performing 24/7 with all the love, money and time players and pro players spent. This ain't a right place to complain but neither emails work, neither bug reports.
Stefanos Kolovos
Stefanos Kolovos Hace un día
Oh I forgot, 10 years and now you develop new games. Nice. And copies.
Viktor Stojanovic
Viktor Stojanovic Hace un día
When he said *HMMMMMM* I felt that
Skylar the pretty girl
Skylar the pretty girl Hace un día
I think this song good for me and I like song legend never die!!!
Qsey Hace un día
Ahpeel Sogood
Ahpeel Sogood Hace un día
And this a cancer was born
BennyBoy126 Hace un día
Didn’t credit the animator
StupidVideos HD
StupidVideos HD Hace un día
Where my lux mains at?
Abdulla Nada
Abdulla Nada Hace un día
"Run home" "HE'S IN THE HOUSE !!"
Kuro Ken
Kuro Ken Hace un día
I came here from Awaken My Popstars mashup. Well made.
Xandazmuli Var Xan Ara
Xandazmuli Var Xan Ara Hace un día
PinkSparklyGamer Hace un día
Wait league has a dev team? Could have fooled me
CHFL Hace un día
*Now adcs click in thresh's lantern*
Szakalik Hace un día
3:10 Eva Elfie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
skull knight54
skull knight54 Hace un día
Im loving tft mobile rightnow
Abdul Wahid Ibrahim
Abdul Wahid Ibrahim Hace un día
Fornite vs league of legends who wins?league of legends like fortnite comment
Veigar wallah c for
Veigar wallah c for Hace un día
Annie was really creepy
Kais Overmark
Kais Overmark Hace un día
Believe me this song is better than lofi or ASMR, you'll fall sleep after 10s xD
Marcos Vinícius Venuto A.
Marcos Vinícius Venuto A. Hace un día
jldriver02 Hace un día
who's joe?
Kaíque Ishi
Kaíque Ishi Hace un día
a verba tava baixa em rito
Kertian Bahian
Kertian Bahian Hace un día
2020 anyone?
joel huaranca
joel huaranca Hace un día
Harley Quinn :v?
StupidVideos HD
StupidVideos HD Hace un día
Where my lux mains at?
Patryk N
Patryk N Hace un día
Wow Przepiękna animacja : )
Duckkey Kong
Duckkey Kong Hace un día
Legends never die! Because they delete the game
Kaíque Ishi
Kaíque Ishi Hace un día
omg riot!!! i loved it! thank you for honoring my main champion
Magnum Break
Magnum Break Hace un día
None of them won unfortunately. It's Doinb who won the championship.
Đặng Nhân Chính
Đặng Nhân Chính Hace un día
Please give him one more gun
송동근 Hace un día
왜이렇게 찾아대
Aaron emmanuel Flores huaya
Aaron emmanuel Flores huaya Hace un día
AZZA CSB Hace un día
LuLu has been turned into washing up liquid - 0:40
뽀미의 뽀둥지둥일상
뽀미의 뽀둥지둥일상 Hace un día
look at TFT korean version
Kaíque Ishi
Kaíque Ishi Hace un día
kajtek Małysz
kajtek Małysz Hace un día
This cinematic kinda ugly
Kaíque Ishi
Kaíque Ishi Hace un día
please riot make an anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lui Luv
Lui Luv Hace un día
Can LOL plz do something for us ppl not close to EU i live in South Africa and i get really bad ping.
Barubary Hace un día
This starts off not creepy... for like I dunno 5 seconds?
Sami 'sader
Sami 'sader Hace un día
what a CUTE character
Crash laver
Crash laver Hace un día
This song gives me the goose bumps.
Christina Arkainno
Christina Arkainno Hace un día
this song goes perfect with warrior cats and miracolous....
burakan Hace un día
Wild rift when
Czigány Zénó
Czigány Zénó Hace un día
i climbed from iron2 to diamond 3 with this song only on :D
보스틴 Hace un día
The best league of legends sorrowful and greed glory song.
Black Wendy Marvell
Black Wendy Marvell Hace un día
Guys I pissed my self Of enthusiasm and fear ..... Is that strange?
Shinaka Kagauki
Shinaka Kagauki Hace un día
I wanna learn how to play this
누군인가? Hace un día
1.25 배속으로 듣는 사람 조용히 손
Christina Arkainno
Christina Arkainno Hace un día
legends never die is my favorite song. keep making good songs! keep up the good work!!!
Carl Angelo Tan
Carl Angelo Tan Hace un día
Many in this comment hears the voice of the kid And i cant
Amós Leiros
Amós Leiros Hace un día
Amei a. Música
David Son
David Son Hace un día
legend never die
K0rupt Hace un día
Poor pick rate
Mr Ahmed Hassan
Mr Ahmed Hassan Hace un día
Corona gang?
Voloďa Bagacov
Voloďa Bagacov Hace un día
Neeko not op xd
Lil Noah
Lil Noah Hace un día
2:51 average representation of a League match with an Inting Yasuo and Toxic riven.
Cibely Hace un día
Someone 2020?
Adam Greene
Adam Greene Hace un día
WASSABiii Hace un día
Soyeon got thicc
Gacha wolfie ?
Gacha wolfie ? Hace un día
Shes scaring me :I
박태현 Hace un día
Sal Hace un día
not nerd
not nerd Hace un día
Who tf plays TFT?
BIG banana
BIG banana Hace un día
The good old times😭😭
ToasterTakos Hace un día
0:21 girl on the left looks a bit like Jinx 🤔